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Finance for my business

The restaurant, bar, hotel and leisure sector is seen as high risk, as such there are limited financial options for the leisure sector. We feel its important to gain access to business finance in order to protect cash flow to protect the important working capital required for day to day trading.
Here at Restaurant and Leisure Finance, we fund all types of equipment for all types of businesses in the leisure sector. Whatever your funding requirements – and whatever your budget – we’ll have a tailor made finance solution.


We work with all restaurant & leisure businesses including the following sectors of the industry:




Key underwriting requirements for Pub , Bar , Hotel and Restaurant freehold and leasehold Finance:


  • Demonstrable Business Experience in the sector.
  • Deposit funds available at circa 30% of the freehold business purchase price.
  • Additional security may be acceptable in lieu of full deposit funds.
  • Stock funding and working capital to be available ( VAT Bridging Loans available).
  • Special arrangements provided for established sitting tenants in a profitable business.
  • Trading accounts with proof of mortgage affordability from net profits are a key requirement.
  • Pubs ideally need a balanced ‘wet / dry’ revenue mix.
  • Solid, demonstrable business plan and cash flow forecast.

If your business plan and personal experience hold up and you have a the drive and commitment to enter this sector then we invite you to consult the Pub Finance and Leisure Sector specialists.
To see how we can help please contact us today. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.
Finance for Established businesses
Finance for Established businesses is one which has been successfully filed at least 2 years accounts, and ideally in profit. The company will be generating revenue and will have a proven and successful business plan. These businesses may be looking to raise finance in order to carry out expansion or exploring new market opportunities.
Our end-to-end solution will be simple, streamlined & cost effective providing effective way of raising business finance quickly and seamlessly.
Finance for Startups
So you’ve come up with an idea for a business? Congratulations! Now you need startup financing – that initial infusion of money needed to turn the idea into something tangible. And that’s where it becomes tricky.
We understand that every restaurant or leisure sector business is unique. That’s why you can deal directly with an experienced Director who has a strong commercial background and real experience, who is able to understand what is important for you and your business and is equipped to arrange the right finance for you and your business.
Factors Affecting a Finance Application for a start up.
There are a number of factors which can help to make your application more attractive to a lender:


  • Evidence of some working capital or personal investment
  • Business plan with financial projections
  • Previous restaurant experience of the applicant
  • Good credit history
If you have a project you would like to discuss please contact us